6 Fears Of Human....

Here are the 6 fears of human:

  • fear of loss of love
  • fear of poverty
  • fear of death
  • fear of criticism
  • fear of losing health
  • fear of old age

Sound familiar?

These fears listed above will usually interfere with our happiness within us.


Try to identify what YOU fear out of the list and analyze it in depth. Why do you feel that way?
How can you overcome the fear? How long have you had it for? Can you find a better medium?

By doing this exercise, you can begin to see clear as to why you are fearful.


  1. I'm 25, and trying to deal with my depression which is quite crippling. I am getting medicated and working with a therapist, but I also discovered something else that helps me personally. Check it out at my new blog.


    keep up the good fight.

  2. Great blog you have here..,,

    Yes I agree with you here..

    Monitor why you fell that particular way about a fear...

  3. I've been having depression for more than a year, and its been hell. Your articles seem helpful. I will take them into consideration.

  4. ..."interfere with our happiness"...

    The very word "happy" is the problem. Eradicate the words happy and happiness from your vocabulary.

    Can one be both fearful and happy? Of course.

    Fear of death doesn't make me want to die.

    If talking about depression helps you, then talk about it, but many with depression are depressed because of the truth.

    Truth is, many people should feel depressed. Tell a poor person without any prospect for a job not to fear and to be happy...