Make A Decision To End Depression: Past

Many people with depression feel mixed emotions of anxiety, helplessness, hopelessness, etc.  Like mentioned in Five things you must consider when overcoming depression , we need to use the self-image exercise to tackle these emotions which bring us negative effects.

There are many sources mentioning how image training is so important in order to change your perception of things.  Usually negative feelings and emotions come from three parts where we can use imagination.  They are:
  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future


 Past negative feelings include guilt, shame, rejection, failure, etc.  We must understand the power of imagination and how it impacts our present being.  If one holds these past thoughts which are not necessarily true today, it may be dangerous.

The past will actually teach us lessons when we really think about it.  Why did you feel guilt, shame, rejection, failure, etc etc in the first place?  If you dig deep down you should find reasons to back up the feelings you had in the past.  Maybe it was a proper response.  Maybe it was just an over reaction.  But don't let emotions run here because that's what we need to work on! Logically analyze the experience and find ways to solve the dragged along thoughts and feelings.

Remember, the past is a good teacher of yours.  Reflect on it and practice your imagery.  Think how you can reflect on it logically and deal with your sensitive emotions. Continuing to do so will eventually desensitize you (which is good) and give you confidence in knowing that the mere experience in the past was the trigger for depression.

I think we all can imagine how we would like to feel and how we would like to behave according to a logical approach.  Just by slowly changing your thoughts or perceptions from the past we can focus on what is important in the present.

Next section will be on the Present ...

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